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Image (72) Managing Red Centre Dreaming Dancers out of Alice Springs into Europe and 17 countries 1997-2004 we did over 500 Tourism trade shows, projects ,festival and performances  including the creative images for a major TELECOM company in Europe with billboards on French , Italian ,German and Switz highways and subways

Started out in tourism 1971 in Bougainville guiding tour from Panguna to Arawa Via Kupie

48 Years later project managed the production of a tourism video for Bougainville Experience Tours : Film Producer Zane Wilson

NOTE: where I still help out in 2019 managing website for Bougainville Experience Tours



Awards created for clients include

1994 Queensland Tourism Award-Indigenous Tourism

1994 Australian Gift of the Year – Souvenirs.

1997 Northern Territory Brolga Award-Aboriginal Tourism.

1997 Australian Tourism Award-Indigenous Tourism

1999 TO-DO World Tourism Award for best Indigenous Tour Operator

1999 Frommers USA/Top 10 Australian Experiences

1999 Northern Territory Brolga Award-Tourism

2002 Red Centre Dreaming Australia perform Queens Jubilee: London

2003 Northern Territory Brolga Award-Tourism restaurant Red  Centre Dreaming

2004 Disneyland Florida USA 6 weeks performing for Australian Food Festival

2009 Tour of Moscow for Tourism Australia

2010 Bougainville PNG Guest of honour Mona Festival

Photo 2 Red Square

SEE VIDEO- Black in the USSR

Skills and experience

1. Experienced in researching museum content/commercial development

Over the past 17 years  I have been involved in various projects  to research museum/tourism projects including the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre -Alice Springs, The Alice Spring Telegraph Station Historic precinct, Strehlow Centre-Alice Springs , Kirrit Barreet Culture Centre –Ballarat,

Musee Quai Branley-ParisFrance, Sovereign Hill- Ballarat, Maritime Museum Warnabool, TSI/Thursday Island Cultural Centre plus many small communities based museums.

2. Researched, develop and sold award winning tourism products.

Attached you will find a complete listing of tourism/business awards that I have been responsible for the product development, marketing, sales and subsequent award submissions.

3. Active member of local, regional, state national and International associations.

Over the years I have been an active member of a wide range of national and international industry groups including:

  • Local tourism associations: Cairns, Alice Springs and Ballarat.
  • Industry lobby groups: Tourism Alliance Victoria, Aboriginal Australia Tour Operators
  • Marketing groups: Destination Alice.
  • Museums: Museums Australia.
  • National: ATEC (Australian Tourism Export Council)
  • International: Indigenous tourism Operators.

4. Participated in over 100 national and international tourism trade shows.

Image (74)

Over 15 years I have conducted over 2,000 “5 minute” sales presentation.

All of my presentations involved the training of Aboriginal staff in International Tourism

Above; Andrew Lockyer

  • ITB Berlin Germany.
  • BIT Italy.
  • Roadshows: France/Italy/Germany/Denmark/Norway/Sweden.
  • Australian Tourism Exchange.
  • ATEC Exchange.
  • ATEC/NT inbound to the outback.
  • Tourism Alliance roadshow.
  • USA: Tourism roadshow Los Angeles.

To wholesalers, bus companies, inbound tour operators, travel agents etc.

5. Has developed award winning communication product.

In 1995 I researched, designed and created:

Bill Gates CEO when he launched Windows 98 actually used our site to illustrate the future of the Internet opening up and communicating with “ancient cultures”.

Following this exposure in 1999 Yahoo voted in the top 20 websites of the “new world”.

6. Successful in building long term partnerships:

The key to establishing long term partnerships is being able to deliver an award winning product that once sold to a wholesale/inbound customer is delivered in a quality manner. Over the years I have established excellent working relationships with operators such as AAT-kings and APT.

7. Responding to tourism industry challenges

The tourism industry more than any other industry has suffered downturns and uncertainty following the 9/11 bombing, the closure of Ansett, the Iraq war, exchange rates, petrol price rises  and bombing such as Bali. This constantly leads to an already competitive industry becoming more price and cost conscious.

8. Successfully managing events and tours nationally and Internationally.

In 2002 I coordinated a major 8 month tour of Red Centre Dreaming Aboriginal dance performance.

Objectives of tour:

  • To promote Australia as a tourist destination.
  • To promote Aboriginal tourism product

9. Successfully selling and value adding tourism products

Developing museum and culture centres with limited funding sources it was critical that we developed and sold value added products.

10. Passionate, creative and professional ambassador for International Indigenous tourism


In the years 1994-2004, I was honoured to be selected by relevant Government authorities to promote Aboriginal Arts and Culture tourism at events in Australia and overseas.

One specific project that illustrates my leadership and team management was coordinating a comprehensive, eight month tour of Europe with six Aboriginal dancers.

We commenced in Italy and travelled extensively through Germany, France, Scandinavia and the UK.

The most exciting element of this highly successful tour was being selected by the Australian Government to represent Australia in the Queen’s Jubilee year celebrations and the Manchester Commonwealth Games.
The objectives of tours were to:

* Promote Australia as a tourist destination

* Promote Aboriginal cultural tourism products in Australia

* Work closely with the Australian High Commission to provide an Aboriginal component/representation to the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Commonwealth Games in Manchester

* Establish an UK/European network of performance/cultural venues for future tours by Aboriginal artists, dancers and musicians

* Work with UK/European record producers to introduce both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal music to the “world music” industry.

* Establish an international network of Indigenous musicians and tour operators.

* Establish Aboriginal cultural workshops in UK schools Major Achievements

* Performed in 7 countries/media coverage 15 countries

* Danced at over 200 individual performances.

* Conducted over 150 media engagements

* Performed to over 100,000 people in theatres and festivals

* Travelled 8,500 road miles in the UK

* Conducted workshops for over 5,000 school children

* Danced at the Queen’s Jubilee Parade at Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park concert seen by millions around the world

* Established a professional reputation for Aboriginal dance groups in the UK

* Created a positive image for Aboriginal Cultural Tourism in Australia

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